Add-on Modules

Our products are tailored to optimally satisfy your functional requirements and expectations. Seamlessly blending into your working environment, they quickly become invaluable.
To further boost your efficiency at work, several add-on modules are available on top of our standard products, covering various analytical and spectroscopic approaches.

The list of add-on modules is continually enhanced according to our customers' needs. You can help us to enhance and improve existing functionality subsequently or even invent your own modules!
The following modules can be freely combined with our panorama, irAnalyze, and RAMalyze standard products. If you are not sure which modules you really need, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you in identifying the suitable modules.

Contact us and discuss your requirements with our experts!
We have more than 10 years of experience in covering the full software development process and work according to DIN ISO 9000 in order to constantly provide you with high quality products.

Math Add-on Module

Includes standard manipulation operations used in spectroscopy, including, but not limited to, normalization, derivative, baseline correction, and peak picking.
In addition, the module contains a number of special operations, such as multiplicative scatter correction, thickness correction, or standard normal variate correction.

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Quantify Add-on Module

An expert in multivariate data analysis, with quantitative methods such as PLS and MLR. A convenient and intuitive wizard guides you through all steps of calibration model development, making complex statistical methods simple to use even for novice users.

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Reaction Monitoring Add-on Module

Monitor reactions in the laboratory at runtime. Track product quality during the production process. Perform online or offline trend analysis to improve throughput and quality.

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Search Add-on Module

An ideal add-on for archival of your spectroscopic data and related information. It includes spectrum and full text search functionality on spectral libraries of various different library formats - your own as well as commercially available libraries, or directly on data on the file system.

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Security Add-on Module

Provides data access control and permission schemes for regulated environments. Based on a built-in user administration, users will only have access to program functions and data they are allowed to use. Hierarchical permission levels allow workflow-oriented release of data objects according to your company's organizational structure.
This means full compliance-readiness to FDA (CFR 21 part 11) and GMP regulations.

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Color Add-on Module

Designed for UV/Visible spectroscopic data evaluation, including color analysis and color comparison according to several CIE and DIN/ISO standard methods.

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Gadget Add-on Module

A generic instrument interface for direct data acquisition and instrument control from panorama Pro. Data is measured and directly transferred from the instrument to panorama Pro for further evaluation.
This module requires some configuration and, possibly, customization according to the instrument to be controlled. Please contact us for details!

An ideal platform for OEM partnerships!

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Rule Designer Add-on Module

An expert tool for IR and RAMAN interpretation rule development in irAnalyze and RAMalyze. Create new rules, customize existing ones, or create new rule databases. The Rule Designer provides lots of features to optimize and adapt the interpretation rules to your particular field of research.

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