Simplify Custom Workflows & Automation

Our products provide powerful features and modules to solve everyday problems in spectroscopy and spectroscopic data handling. However, you might have a routine application with very limited or special recurring workflow that you would like to be automated or being available on a single mouse click.

Simplify your work with our custom application solutions!

Mini Applications & OEM Branding

You want to follow a very special workflow consisting of well defined steps that can be accomplished using our software's features? You do not need all the other fancy tools and features in our products except a few of them? You do not want to repeat those recurring steps manually each time you provide new data to the software?

In this case, you need a mini application from us. According to your workflow description, we provide you with a low-cost spectroscopy mini application doing exactly what you want. The steps are clearly defined with a few parameters. A very simple user interface is provided to control your application. You do not need to buy a full product from us - you just purchase your mini application.

Take advantage and simplify your daily work now! Your mini application might look as simple as this screenshot.

Want to run your workflow from a web browser We've got you covered!

Custom Workflows & Automation

You have to analyze your data from time to time in order to find optimal parameters using our standard software. After evaluation, you'd like to create your own routine application on top of the product, doing the job under consideration of your optimized parameters. The routine application may run either stand-alone in a process environment, or triggered manually as a custom evaluation method inside our products.

If this is what you need, talk to us. We will develop custom workflows on top of our products exclusively for you.