Data Management & Reporting

Measuring, viewing and processing spectra is only the first step.

In panorama, irAnalyze, and RAMalyze, your spectroscopic data can be collected and organized in projects. The project explorer provides an optimal way to manage your data from various heterogeneous data sources with a single tool and very little effort.

Customizable print templates are provided to produce professional reports with just a few clicks. Spectra, corresponding molecules and additional information are easily printed in a neat report.

Our products are designed to perfectly fit into your office application infrastructure. The desktop products provide drag & drop capabilities to maintain data within the software and open files from the MS-Windows Explorer. Data sharing with other office applications is simply performed using the copy & paste function.
Data can also be exported into another file format in order to convert from a source into a target file format.

Project Administration

The project administration feature is used to organize your data and related documents within a single database file. You may create new project files and build a folder structure inside. In those folders you can add, copy, paste, move and organize data. The organisational structure is similar to the folder structure on your hard disk, although everything is included in just one file on your hard disk. This way, you can easily take all related information from one PC to another or email it to someone.

A comprehensive tree view lets you organize your data according to your needs. You can combine your spectroscopic data with related reports, additional information, analytical results, and external documents written in Word, Excel, PDF, etc.

Reports, Printing & Data Sharing

The data viewer contains powerful but easy-to-use reporting capabilities. All spectroscopic data and its related information can be directly printed using predefined print layout templates. The templates are easily configurable, and modifications are automatically applied in the preview to show the result instantly.

In addition, inter-application exchange of all relevant data via the Windows Clipboard is supported. Just paste a picture or x,y data table of the examined spectrum into your Word report, or transfer the spectral data to Excel by using Copy & Paste.

You may directly print a PDF document, if a corresponding PDF printer is installed.

Supported File Formats & Conversion

File import and export from/to all major data formats is supported. The list is continuously enhanced for your benefit:

  • Galactic SPC data
  • JCAMP-DX data
  • Thermo Nicolet SPA data
  • Perkin Elmer SP data
  • Bruker Opus data
  • ABB FTSW data
  • Avantes ROH data
  • Shimadzu SPC data
  • Horiba MDW data
  • Camspec 1AA data
  • ACD SK2 data
  • MDL MOL data
  • Customizable user defined ASCII x,y (Excel, configurable)
  • and more...
The software provides a plug-in concept for data format importers and exporters. Contact us in case you are not able to import your custom data format. We can easily add a new importer, or possibly configure an existing importer to help you!