Instrument & Spectrometer Control

You measure spectra or other data with your spectrometer or instrument in the lab every day? After taking measurements you'd like to evaluate your spectra or other data in a particular manner? You cannot perform these steps without difficulty?

Talk to us! We provide you with spectroscopy software solutions, helping you to accomplish your daily work. Our Gadget Instrument Module is a configurable interface connecting your instrument to our software. As soon as the interface has been set up, you may directly enter measurement parameters from our software. You can start and stop measurements and fully control the instrument. Finally, recorded spectra will be automatically transferred from the instrument to the software.

Of course, some configuration effort is required, which might need some expertise in programming. But this should not discourage you from contacting us. We will help you!

Gadget - Sample Instrument Simulator

A pre-configured demo instrument simulator is included in panorama Pro to showcase the flexibility.

The simulator is configured to simulate a UV/VIS spectrometer (Other spectrometer types are supported too!). Typical measurements are supported, such as dark spectrum, reference spectrum, and normal spectrum measurement. You may also use features including monitor scan or 3D scan, if your instrument supports this. Simply set up some default parameters in the instrument's tab windows and start the measurement as shown in the video. It is very easy to use.

The user interface provides a plug-in mechanism and is fully integrated into the main software. You may add your own instrument menu to the software's main menu. Any instrument parameters, buttons, properties, etc. are dynamically populated into the user interface according to your configuration. The instrument's user interface is included in a separate window, which can be docked inside the main application window. It also supports the sliding window capability.