RAMalyze will help you identify functional groups and their characteristic Raman shifts. The well-proven functionality of irAnalyze is now also available for Raman spectrum interpretation. This is an ideal enhancement for your routine analysis.
Reliable assignment of functional groups to prominent Raman bands in your spectrum is just a few clicks away.

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Easy-to-use interpretation features

RAMalyze includes lots of features that make Raman spectrum interpretation an easy task even for novice users:

  • Electronic Dictionary for functional groups with more than 1,000 interpretation rules, covering almost all functional groups in organic and inorganic chemistry. No more wasting time looking up Raman shifts in printed catalogs!
  • Built-in functional group editor for comfortable interpretation rule design. Interpretation rules are customizable and thus easily enhanced by user defined functional group definitions with the rule designer add-on module.
  • Double impact - Combine Raman interpretation with spectral library search to improve the quality of your interpretation results. A combination of both methods yields better high quality spectrum analysis. Especially for unknown compounds in R&D, this is a must-have!

New Features in irAnalyze & RAMalyze

Thanks to all our customers giving us feedback and hence helping us to improve our software every day!
The IR and Raman interpretation module has been improved and new features have been added:

  • Analysis of custom spectral ranges

  • Global rules to ignore specific bands for interpretation

  • Custom peak lists can be used for interpretation

  • Revised user interface with peak information added where needed

  • More intuitive rule design in the rule designer

and more...