Spectroscopic Data Visualization

All our software products are equipped with excellent and intuitive data viewer capabilities.

The data viewer in panorama Pro, irAnalyze, and RAMalyze displays two-dimensional and three-dimensional spectroscopic data with axes, units and other important related information on the application workspace. Import 2D and 3D data as well as molecules from a large number of data sources into the software. All kinds of spectroscopic data types are supported, including IR, MIR, NIR, Raman, UV/VIS, Fluorescence, Chromatograms, MS, etc.
Spectra are displayed either joined or separated. The active spectrum and its related information are shown together to provide you with all information at a glance. Comprehensive zoom and data table view capabilities are available for review.

All necessary basic and many advanced operations for data analysis are available:

  • Zooming
  • Overlaying series of spectra
  • Shifting a series of spectra
  • Surfing along the data curve to display exact data point coordinates
  • Scale spectra according to different algorithms
  • Toggle between curve and data table view
  • Create a 3D file from a series of 2D spectra
  • And many more easy to use and intuitive viewing features...

3D spectra are visualized either as a three dimensional cube, a two-dimensional top down view, or a waterfall view. Advanced zooming and rotating functions are available to view the data from all relevant positions. Display 2D slices while browsing through your 3D data in real time and extract 2D slices as new 2D data objects for further processing.