Spectrum Processing, Evaluation & Scientific Search

The following functionality is available for all of our products.

Data Evaluation & Mathematics

Includes standard manipulation operations used in spectroscopy, including, but not limited to, normalization, derivative, baseline correction, and peak picking.
In addition, the module contains a number of special operations, such as multiplicative scatter correction, thickness correction, or standard normal variate correction.

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Basic Chemometric Analysis Tools

For basic chemometric approaches, e.g. in UV/VIS and IR spectroscopy, a set of polynomial fit functions (linear, square, cubic etc.) are available to derive parameters like the concentration from a peak, peak area or peak ratio. For advanced approaches, a user defined formula under consideration of typcial spectrum characteristics and values can be used for evluation.

A wizard driven user interface guides you through the steps of calibration development. For details, please also review the Quantify Add-On Module, which shows the wizard for the more comprehensive multivariate chemometric data analysis methods.

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Color Analysis & Comparison

Designed for UV/Visible spectroscopic data evaluation, including color analysis and color comparison according to several CIE and DIN/ISO standard methods.

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Spectral Libraries & Searching for Material Identification & Verification

An ideal add-on for archival of your spectroscopic data and related information. It includes spectrum and full text search functionality on spectral libraries of various different library formats - your own as well as commercially available libraries, or directly on data on the file system.

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Process Analysis, Real Time Reaction Monitoring & Trend Analysis

Monitor reactions in the laboratory at runtime. Track product quality during the production process. Perform online or offline trend analysis to improve throughput and quality.

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