irAnalyze is an optimal tool for IR spectrum interpretation. It offers efficient, straightforward workflows similar to those of an experienced spectroscopist. Its key capabilities are outlined below, but irAnalyze offers a lot more...

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IR Spectrum Interpretation

Reliable functional group assignments are just a few clicks away:

  • Load your IR spectrum
  • Click on IR interpretation
  • Review the functional group assignments from automatic interpretation
  • Optimize the obtained results with your knowledge

irAnalyze displays all important functional groups and their characteristic frequencies at a glance, making IR spectrum interpretation an easy job even for novice users. This will save you a lot of time compared to manual interpretation based on printed IR frequency catalogs and functional group tables.

Identify Functional Groups from Spectrum Peaks

When analyzing an IR spectrum, you want to know: "Which functional group is responsible for a peak at a particular frequency, and which other vibrations are related?"
The electronic functional group dictionary answers your questions quickly. Here's how it works:

  • Load your IR spectrum
  • Enable the online functional group dictionary
  • Move the vertical spectrum cursor to the frequency of interest
  • Review the list of potential functional groups sorted by matching quality

Forget about poring over printed IR frequency catalogs. You neither need to know the functional group names nor their characteristic frequencies. irAnalyze knows them all for you.

Tips & Tricks

Increase the quality and reliability of your spectrum interpretation results by combining IR interpretation with other tools:

  • Add a search for your spectrum in spectral libraries to find similar compounds. This will give you an additional result to bolster your findings.

  • Use Raman spectrum interpretation as an additional or alternative method. Especially for aqueous solutions, Raman will yield most useful results.

New Features in irAnalyze & RAMalyze

Thank you to all our customers giving us feedback and thus helping us to improve our software every day!
The IR and Raman interpretation module has been improved and new features have been added:

  • Analysis of custom spectral ranges

  • Global rules to ignore specific bands for interpretation

  • Custom peak lists can be used for interpretation

  • Revised user interface with peak information added where needed

  • More intuitive rule design in the rule designer

and more...