Revocation of Agreement

You may revoke your given agreements regarding contacting you and saving your personal information according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The easiest way might be to contact us at any time during our business hours and revoke your given agreement in a formless way by phone under +49 221 94102318. You may also send an Email to declaring your revocation.
Detailed information on the GDPR and how this matter is handled at LabCognition is available in our Privacy Statement.

An alternative way to revoke your given agreements is by filling and submitting the form below.

Revocation of Contact Agreement and Personal Information Storage Agreement and request for Deletion of Personal Information

Much to our regret you do not longer want us to stay in touch with you. It is a pity, but thank you for your interest and cooperation so far.

By submitting my Email address I hereby declare:

  1. I revoke given agreement to LabCognition to contact me as from now.
  2. I revoke given agreement to LabCognition to save my personal information in their files. Furthermore I want LabCognition to delete all personal information unless any legal or business reasons prevent LabCognition from proceeding like this.

Revocation of your agreements and deletion of personal information is a two-step process, because at first we need to verify your identity in order to complete your request.
By submitting your Email address to us, you will receive a reply by Email with a revocation and deletion link. To confirm your identity and process your revocation and personal information deletion request, you simply must click the link.

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