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Routine optical spectroscopic data evaluation with panoramaCloud apps. Increase your efficieny and daily sample throughput.

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Mixture Analysis

Material mixture decomposition using pure component IR & Raman spectral databases in panorama Cloud.

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panorama Pro

The allround talent for spectroscopic data acquisition, data management, data evaluation and more...

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Spectroscopy apps for routine analysis. Cloud or intranet based central data management for spectroscopy.

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The IR specialist for reliable automatic and manual Infrared spectrum interpretation. Benefit from the interactive electronic IR band dictionary.

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The RAMAN specialist for excellent Raman spectrum interpretation. Produce band assignments including functional group relations with just a few clicks. The electronic interactive RAMAN band dictionary completes the functionality.

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Add-on Modules

All products are equipped with a set of basic essential functions. You may enhance functionality according to your personal requirements with several add-on modules.

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