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3D preferences dialog

The 3D data view has a lot of properties, which may be customized by the user in order to adapt data presentation to his own requirements. Coloring of objects, rendering settings and background color, etc. can be adjusted here. It might be useful to customize the cursor or zoom function. Many functions are similar to those in the 2D Preferences Dialog. Therefore only a few are described below.

The preferences dialog looks like this:

Loading 3D preferences

To load previously saved 3D preferences, please click on the button and select a saved preference file.

Saving 3D preferences

To save your personal 3D preferences, please click on the Save as button. Usually there is no need to explicitly save the preferences since all changes will automatically be saved when the dialog is closed. But if the user needs to often use different preferences he can save these by using the Save as button and specifying a configuration name.

Resetting 3D preferences

If the user is not satisfied with the changes he can revert back to the default 3D preferences. Clicking on the Reset button will reset all parameters to the default values.

Selecting a customizable property

On the left side of the dialog, a list with all customizable properties is available.

Click on one of the properties to select it. Adjustable parameters are updated automatically and will be displayed on the right.