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Add/Remove Comments

Comments are designed to add remarks to the reaction run. The comments will be displayed as colored vertical bars in the trend view, indicating the comment time by the position on the time axis. The actual comment text will be shown as tool tip if the mouse pointer is hovering close to the comment in the trend view. Comments will also be displayed as a colored extra row in the report grid. Use the parameter option Show comments in the parameter panel / reaction wizard (step 5) to turn the comment display on or off. For example:

Adding Comments

Please perform the following steps to add a comment to a reaction:

  1. Click on the Add Comment button in the control panel


    right-click into the trend view and select the command Add Comment from the context menu.

  2. The mouse pointer will be constrained to the trend view window to select the time position for the comment. Move the pointer to the desired position and left-click to add the comment.

  3. Enter the comment text into the comment dialog or select a previously entered comment from the drop-down box:

  4. Click on the OK-button to add the comment.

Remove Comments

Please perform the following steps to remove a comment:

  1. Select the comment in the report grid view.

  2. The Remove Comment button in the control panel will be activated. Click on the button to remove the comment.

  3. Confirm the security prompt to finally remove the comment from the reaction.