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Add/Remove Golden Batches

Golden batches are the results of reactions with good product characteristics. These are usually used as reference batches for other runs. In the application context a golden batch is simply the saved trend data of a good reaction run. Golden batches can be added to another reaction to compare this reaction to the reference run. The following view shows an example reaction with two added golden batches and a corresponding limit:

Golden Batch options

The options for the golden batches are found in the Limit Tab of the Parameter Panel. The following options are available:

  • Statistical Base Value:
    Selects the statistical value to be calculated from the added golden batch data. This value will be used to calculate limits for the reaction control. The available statistical values are:

    - Data Shape: Calculates a "shape" of the golden batch data by simply calculating the minimum and maximum value per data point.

    - Average: Calculates the average of the golden batch data.

    - Standard Deviation: Calculates the standard deviation.

    - Variance: Calculates the variance of the golden batch data.

  • Show Average:
    If this option is selected the average of the golden batch data will be displayed as plot in the trend view.

  • Show Data Shape:
    If this option is selected the data shape of the golden batch data will be displayed as colored region in the trend view. In the example above this is the yellow area.

  • Color:
    Selects the color for the display of the golden batch plots and data shape.

  • Golden Batches:
    Lists all golden batches that have been added to the reaction. The data plots of individual golden batches may be turned of by unchecking the corresponding checkboxes. Disabling a golden batch in this section only affects the data plot display, the batch will still be used for the calculation of the statistical base value.

Create limits using Golden Batches

Golden batches can easily be used to create limits for a reaction run. This allows to control a reaction on the basis of a reference run. In addition to the golden batches the user simply needs to add a limit. The limit will provide factors which will be used to calculate the lower and upper boundary using the statistical base value of the golden batches. Please perform the following steps to create a limit from golden batches:

  1. Add golden batches to the reaction.

  2. Choose the Statistical Base Value for the limit calculation.

  3. Add a limit to the reaction. In contrast to the regular limits the golden batch limit will show the fields Low Factor and High Factor as factors. The actual limit will be calculated by the following formulas:

    - Data Shape: Low Limit = Data_shape_minimum - Low_Factor, High Limit = Data_shape_maximum + High_Factor

    - Average, Variance, Standard Deviation: Low Limit = StatisticalBaseValue - Low_Factor * StatisticalBaseValue, High Limit = StatisticalBaseValue + High_Factor * StatisticalBaseValue

  4. Adjust the low and high factor as desired.

  5. The limit will be shown in the trend view with the color specified. In the example above the limit is shown as green area.

Add Golden Batch

To add a golden batch existing trends simply need to be added to the reaction. This can either be done by directly opening the trend file of the golden batch run or by transferring a current trend to the main application and saving it from there. Please perform the following steps to add a golden batch to a reaction:

  1. Switch to the Limit Tab of the Parameter Panel.

  2. Click on the Add Golden Batch button in the control panel. A file selection dialog will be opened.

  3. Select the trend files to be added as golden batches and click the Open button.

  4. The selected golden batches are added as data plot and data shape to the trend view.

  5. If a limit is need then add a limit via the Add Limit and adjust the limit factors.

Remove Golden Batch

Please perform the following steps to remove a golden batch from the reaction:

  1. Remove a limit via control panel:

    1. Switch to the Limit Tab in the Parameter Panel and select the golden batch to remove.

    2. The Remove Golden Batch button in the control panel will be activated. Click on the button to remove the limit.

    3. Confirm the security prompt to finally remove the selected batch.

  2. Remove a golden batch via context menu:

    1. Right-click into the trend view and select the command Remove Golden Batch 'Batchname' from the context menu.

    2. The limit will be removed immediately without further prompting.