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Application Lockout Settings

The Application Lockout Settings control the details for automatically locking the application after a defined time interval. The automated lockout can be activated/deactivated using this dialog and the timeout interval in minutes can be defined. Depending on the active security settings, the user needs to enter his personal account password or the password that was defined in this dialog to unlock the application again. The application may also be locked manually using the command Lock Application from the Tools menu.

The dialog looks like this:

Application Lockout Settings Dialog contents

Enable Automated Application Lockout

Activate this checkbox to enable the automated lockout. The application will be locked after being idle for the defined time. The user needs to unlock the application to continue working.

Lock Application after [minutes]

Specifies the time the application needs to be idle before going in to lock-mode. The time has to be entered in minutes.

Unlock Password

This option will only be available if the global security settings are disabled. If global security is enabled, the user needs to unlock the application with his personal account password. Without global security a unlock password can be defined here.