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Apply Filter to Search Result

This command is used to narrow down the search result list of a library search result. A filter string will be applied to the spectrum names of the search result and only the matching entries will be displayed. Please refer to the tutorial How to search spectra for details on the overlay function.

Removing/undoing the filter.

The applied filter is removed/undone by simply calling the command a second time and entering an empty filter string.



Apply Filter to Search Result menu command

To apply a filter string to the library search result, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the search result window.

  2. From the Library menu, select the Apply Filter to Search Result command.

  3. Enter the filter string into the Apply Filter dialog. Use wildcards ( * ) to match partial names.

  4. Click on the OK button.

  5. The filtered search result list is displayed.

Apply Filter to Search Result keyboard shortcut

Not available.