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Auto predict data using a calibration

After creating a calibration model for a particular qualitative or quantitative analysis, the derived calibration model can be automatically applied to samples in routine analysis. Every time a suitable spectrum is opened, a brief result of the automatic prediction is shown in the upper part of the spectrum view. The auto-prediction can be toggled on or off by checking or unchecking the a calibration in the Quantify Explorer list. Autoprediction is also possible with multiple calibrations. Simply select the desired calibrations in the quantify list:

Please also review the section Prediction of unknown samples in the chapter Chemometric Analysis for further information.

Auto predict using the Quantify Explorer

To start or stop auto-prediction of a spectrum with an existing qualitative or quantitative calibration, please follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Quantify Explorer, select the calibration for prediction and activate the checkbox.

  2. Open the spectrum that needs to be predicted. If the spectrum is compatible with the calibration, the Prediction Result will be displayed in the spectrum view:

  3. As long as the checkbox is activated all spectra that are opened will automatically be predicted.

Auto predict keyboard shortcut


Auto predict toolbar command