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Auto scale Y active

The auto scale Y active function resets the view port of the current active object along the y-axis and re-scales just the active object in a way, that the maximum y-axis range is visible again. All other axes remain unchanged. Whenever the user wants to see the full data range along the y-axis of the current active object, e.g. after he has zoomed into a particular data objects area to see details, he might apply this function.

All other objects, which might be also available in the current data view, are ignored for re-scaling. If you like to re-scale the view port to fit all objects again, please use the auto scale Y function.

This function is used with 2D data objects and 3D data objects.

The auto scale Y active function is applied as follows:

Auto scale Y active menu command

To apply the auto scale Y active function using the menu command, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Activate the data object of interest, that needs to be auto scaled.

  2. From the 2D View menu or 3D View menu, select the Auto Scale Y Active command.

Auto scale Y active keyboard shortcut