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Average Spectra

The average spectra function calculates the mean from a series of two or more spectra. It also provides an option to calculate the standard deviation.

The average spectra calculation is performed as follows:

Average Spectra Menu Command

To calculate the average spectrum of two or more 2D data objects using the menu command, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open two or more 2D spectra.

  2. Merge them into a single data view.

  3. Alternatively, activate the 2D data view with desired objects to be used in calculation.

  4. From the Mathematics menu, select the Average Spectra command.

  5. Adjust the parameters.

    • Specify to create a new window with the results or put them into the same window as the data source.

    • Specify, whether you like to calculate a standard deviation spectrum as well or not.

  1. Press the Calculate button.

Average Spectra Keyboard Shortcut