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Calibration report

The calibration report contains a summary of the whole calibration settings and results. The report contains the following results and basic information. When using calibrations with multiple constituents/properties (eg. PLS2 and SIMPLS), some of these sections will contain additional information and tables for each further property.

  1. General Information:
    This section lists general information about the calibration. Details about the used project, operator, calibrated spectra and constituents/properties are shown.

  2. Data Pretreatment:
    All operations performed on the data before the calibration are listed in the data pretreatment section. This includes cross validation, data centering and scaling and all mathematical preprocessing options.

  3. Model specific section:
    This section lists detailed information about the employed calibration model and the results. It includes all the quantitative information, equations, used ranges and statistical information. The information shown here varies with the used calibration model and the number of calibrated properties.

  4. Qualitative Model Statistics:
    This sections shows the qualitative model statistics for each calibrated property. This includes regression information, slope, variance etc.


The result report is displayed on the final page in the calibration model wizard: