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Cut X-axis

Some experimental data might contain important information only in a particular spectral region. For this purpose the region of interest can be selected and remaining, worthless data points can be cut off. This will cause permanent loss of data points which have been cut off!

How to cut off data?

Cutting spectral data can be applied to one or more data objects of a particular data type at once. Depending on the selected spectral region, data will be cut on the left, right or both sides.

  1. Open one or more data objects to be cut.

  2. Merge them into one data view.

  3. Zoom into the region of interest.

Why zooming?

The actual zoomed spectral region is applied for cutting. All data points outside the visible zoom region are cut off.


  1. From the Mathematics menu, select the Cut X-Axis command
    Activate the Mathematics tab on bottom right of the application window and Select the Cut X-Axis operation from the drop down box.

  2. Click the Calculate button.