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Data Access Role Assignment

The Data Access Role Assignment Manager is used to assign/reassign data access roles to users to effectively create different data access levels for the users of the application. The data access role assignment is very similar to the permission scheme assignment. The assignment manager is accessible through the command "Assign Data Access Roles" in the Security menu, but will only be available after the initial data access control setup.

The dialog looks like this:

The assignment dialog consist of two parts:


Lists all available data access roles of the application. Select a role to assign new users to it or to unassign existing users.


Shows all users assigned to the current role and all momentarily unassigned users:

  • Member Users:
    Lists all users that are assigned to the current role. To remove a user from the role, select the username and push the
    button. The username will be added to the "Available Users" list and can be assigned to a different role by pushing the button after selecting the data access role.

  • Available Users:
    Lists all user that are temporarily not assigned to a data access role. Users must be unassigned from their current role by pushing the  
    button to be available in this list. All users in this list must be assigned to a data access role before the dialog can be closed. Select the desired role and push the   button to assign the selected user to a new access role.