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Data types

Depending on the topic of interest, various analytical methods are available to measure physical properties. Thus, analytical data from various origins must be evaluated and manipulated in the software according to the very special requirements of respective data. Usually data are measured with analytical instruments in a laboratory. Each analytical method needs its own set of mathematical functions and typical evaluation workflow. In most cases various data formats are used to transport these highly specific data from one to another application.

The following data types are available and the list will be subsequently enhanced:

2D data types

The following data types are supported and will be subsequently enhanced:

Data type name

Additional information

IR Spectrum

infrared spectroscopy data or near infrared spectroscopy data

UV Spectrum

ultra violet and visible spectroscopy data

Fluorescence Spectrum

Fluorescence data

Raman Spectrum

RAMAN infrared spectroscopy data

NMR Spectrum

nuclear magnetic resonance data

MASS Spectrum

mass spectrometry data

X-Ray Spectrum

X-Ray spectroscopic data

Liquid Chromatogram

Chromatogram data

HPLC Chromatogram

High pressure chromatographic data

Gas Chromatogram

Gas chromatographic data


any chromatogram data


user defined x,y data of any type

3D data types and pseudo 3D data types

The following 3D and pseudo 3D (hyphenated) methods are available:

Data type name

Additional information

3D IR data

infrared spectroscopy data

3D Flurescence data

Fluorescence spectroscopy

3D UV/VIS data

ultra violet and visible spectroscopy data

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