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Drag and drop objects (general)

It is very easy to transfer objects within the software or from outside the software into this software using the drag & drop functionality. The user can easily see, if the desired drag & drop operation is valid or not from the mouse pointer.

The following drag & drop operations are supported in the software:

  • Project explorer

    1. Moving an object from one to another folder within the same or a different project.

    2. Moving an object from one project to another.

    3. Adding an object from the data view to a project.

    4. Adding a file from outside the application into a project.

    5. Adding an object of the project into a data view to join data with already opened items.

    6. Moving search results from the library explorer into a project.

  • Library explorer

    1. Inserting an object into a library.

    2. Searching an object in a library.

    3. Searching an object using a predefined search.

  • Data views

    1. Open an object in a data view from inside or outside the software.

    2. Adding an object to a data view containing data of the same data type.

    3. Moving data from a data view into another one.

    4. Moving data into a project.

    5. Adding data to a library.

    6. Searching data in a library.

Move objects with drag & drop

To move an object with drag & drop, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Move the mouse pointer over the object you like to move.

  2. Hold down the left mouse button.

  3. Move the mouse pointer to the destination with the left mouse button held down.

  4. Release the left mouse button to complete the operation.