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Edit menu

The edit menu holds various commands for editing the current active object in the workspace. This can be a spectrum, a molecule or just a text in a table or the table itself. Labels are also editable in the software. The edit menu contains commands to copy and paste items to or from another application. Furthermore you might control an objects modifications. You will be able to undo and redo operations.

Edit menu contents

The Edit menu provides the following commands:

  • Undo last operation

  • Redo last operation

  • Cut

  • Copy
    Copies just the selected items into the clipboard.

  • Copy Full...
    This copy option applies to all tables or property grids in the software. The user might copy not only particular cells in a table, but the whole table or grid. In the example above, the whole search result grid is copied.

  • Paste

  • Remove

Removing files from a library or project...

Removal of objects from a library is available from the Library menu.

Removal of objects from a project is available from the Project menu.

These commands are separated, because the library module and the project administration module are not available in all software packages. Please contact your software provider for details.