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Fourier Transform

The function Fourier Transform implements a Fast Fourier Transformation algorithm (FFT) to convert interferograms into NIR or MIR spectra. Interferograms that are acquired by the spectrometer instrument can be transformed to regular IR-spectra using this function.

The Fourier Transform command is available in the Mathematics menu.

Fourier Transform parameters

The following parameters can be adjusted:

Spectrum Type

Specifies the type of spectrum the interferogram corresponds to. Available options are:

  • NIR - Interferogram corresponds to a NIR-spectrum

  • MIR - Interferogram corresponds to a MIR-spectrum

Interferogram Type

Specifies the type of interferogram to be processed. Available options are:

  • Single - Interferogram is of type single

  • Double -  Interferogram is of type double

Spectral Range

Sets the spectral range for the resulting spectra.