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Functional Group Browser

The functional group browser provides direct analysis of a particular frequency in your IR or RAMAN spectrum. A list of best matching functional group will be derived from all available functional group definitions and shown.

The functional group browser is available

  • for improving interpretation results after performing spectrum analysis.
    You may add functional groups to your current interpretation result, because the automatic routine may have missed some required functional groups.  

  • for a quick overview of suggested functional groups at a particular frequency in your spectrum. In this case the browser is used like an online electronic functional group catalog.

Functional Group Browser Window

A new window is opened, which looks like this:

The analyzed spectrum is shown in the upper part of the browser. In the tables below, suggested functional groups as well as passed and failed interpretation rules of the active functional group are listed. For a detailed description on the spectrum view functions, please refer to the chapter "Spectrum View Functions".

Selecting the Investigation Frequency

Additionally, a black vertical line marks the investigated frequency in the spectrum. The line can be moved with drag and drop to the frequency you are interested in. The list of suggested functional groups will be updated accordingly. The list is sorted by quality to provide the best match on top of the list.

Open the Functional Group Browser

The functional group browser can be started from the IR/RAMAN Interpretation menu, whenever an IR or RAMAN spectrum is activated in the data view.

  1. Open an IR or RAMAN spectrum in a tab window.

  2. From the IR/RAMAN Interpretation menu, click the Browse Functional Groups at specific Wavelength command.

Show all Functional Groups at...

In the IR or RAMAN interpretation result view, the functional group browser is available from the context menu in the spectrum view.

  1. Move the mouse pointer close to the peak of interest in the spectrum area of the result.

  2. Click the Right mouse button inside the spectrum view to pop-up the context menu.

  3. From the context menu, select the menu entry Show Functional Groups at...

Add Functional Group to Interpretation Result

After selecting a frequency suggested functional groups are listed in the matching functional groups table as described above. To add one or more functional groups to the spectrum interpretation result, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the functional group in the matching functional groups table you like to add.

  2. Click the Add Functional Group to Result button.

The functional group will be transferred to the interpretation result automatically. The browser window remains open for further frequency investigation.