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IR/RAMAN Interpretation Menu

The IR/RAMAN Interpretation menu contains all available commands for automatic and interactive IR and RAMAN spectrum interpretation. A general overview and an introduction is given in the "IR/RAMAN Analysis Overview" section.

Why is the IR/RAMAN Interpretation menu missing?

The IR interpretation and RAMAN interpretation are extra modules, which needs a valid license. Corresponding products are irAnalyze or RAMalyze. Maybe your license does not grant access to this functionality. Please contact your software provider for more information.

IR/RAMAN Interpretation menu commands

The IR/RAMAN Interpretation menu holds the following commands:

The menu name toggles from IR Interpretation to RAMAN Interpretation according to the actual analysis mode.

How to add interpretation results to a project?

After performing any analysis, results can be stored in your project for review later on. Please refer to the chapter "Add/Remove active Object to a Project" for details.