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What are object labels?

Labels are user defined object properties. The can be added to an object, modified or removed within the software to your own demands. The typical application for a label is e.g. if you like to add a comment or experimental data to a spectrum object. This can be any additional information like a concentration, the instrument which has been used for measurement or just an additional description of sample preparation or a result.

Labels do have a unique identifier and they will be stored together with the object into a project file  or any other file type.

Which labels are stored in a file?

Some file types are not capable or do not support saving additional information. In this case you will be prompted before saving, that some information might be lost when saving into the selected file type. You may choose a different file type in this case. E.g. the JCAMP DX file format supports user defined labels.


Each label contains exactly one value. Appropriate values can be numbers, strings or any combination of both. Object labels can be reviewed in the labels tab. Modifications are also performed there.