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Lock Application

The command "Lock Application" is used to prevent unauthorized personnel from using the application. The application will be locked with a simple screen to enter the unlock password and cannot be used otherwise.

Locking the application.
The command "Lock Application" is only available if the lockout settings (e.g. automatic lockout interval and password) have been previously configured using the command Application Lockout Settings in the
Tools menu.

The application may also be locked automatically after a defined time interval. Please refer to details in the chapter "Application Lockout settings".

Lock application menu command

To lock the application, please follow the instructions below:

  1. If applicable, configure the Application Lockout Settings in the Tools menu.

  2. Select the command Lock Application in the Tools menu to lock the application.

  3. The software will be locked and only show a simple screen with a textbox to enter the unlock password.

  4. To unlock the software again, simply enter the unlock password and click the Unlock button.

Lock application keyboard shortcut

Not available.