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Manual extraction dialog

Manual data extraction is applicable to all 3D data objects. Particular x,z-planes or y,z-planes can be extracted at a user defined position. While moving through the 3D data object data point by data point, the position for extraction can be exactly determined.

The dialog looks like this:

Dialog functions

The dialog is shown on top of the application and will be available until it is closed by the user by clicking on the button. In addition the 2D-Cuts display will automatically be opened when starting the manual extraction dialog.

Extraction by manual selection of a data point

  1. Enter the required data point position manually into the text fields for the x-axis or y-axis, respectively.

  2. The 2D-cut display shows the spectrum that will be extracted.

  3. Click the Extract button.

The extracted data point object will be opened in a new tab window on your workspace.

Which data point is used for extraction?

After entering a value into one of the text fields and clicking the Extract button, the data point closest to the entered value is automatically used for extraction.

Extraction by scrolling through the 3D data object

  1. Move the slider of the scroll bar or click the or button to navigate to the position for extraction.
    Text field values are updated automatically.

  2. The 2D-cut display shows the spectrum that will be extracted.

  3. Click the respective Extract button.

In the 3D data view, the semi-transparent planes indicate the current extraction position.