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Multiplicative Scatter Correction

The Multiplicative Scatter Correction corrects spectra for spectral noise and background effects which cause baseline shifting and tilting.

For details on the algorithm, please refer to the Multiplicative Scatter Correction section in the chapter "Mathematics".

The mathematics tab for the Multiplicative Scatter Correction looks like this:

The calculation may be performed using the full spectral range or multiple distinct ranges. Check the FullRange-Checkbox to use the full spectral range. Uncheck the checkbox and add new ranges with the New Range-button to use distinct ranges. Ranges can be edited  by selecting them and entering numerical values and can be deleted by using the Delete Range-button. Editing/deleting is also possible directly in the dataview. Select a range by left-clicking and move/edit it by dragging and using the tracker tool. Pushing the Del-key will delete a selected range.

To perform a Multiplicative Scatter Correction, please follow the instructions below:

Multiplicative scatter correction menu command

To perform the operation using the menu command, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the desired 2D data objects to be corrected.

  2. Merge them into one data view.

  3. From the Mathematics menu, select the Multiplicative Scatter Correction command.

  4. Adjust the ranges for the calculation.

  5. In the Mathematics tab, click the Calculate button.

Multiplicative scatter correction keyboard shortcut