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Overlay View

The overlay view shows a simple two-dimensional overlay of the sample spectra that are acquired during the reaction run. It can be activated or deactivated in Step 5 of the Reaction Wizard or using the View tab in the Parameter Panel. The overlay view responds to the Runtime View Configuration settings from the wizard/parameter panel. Dependent on these settings the view may only show selected samples during the reaction run.  The samples to be displayed can also directly be selected in the Report Grid View.

Three configuration options are selectable in the wizard/parameter panel:

  • Show first sample:
    If activated always shows the first sample along with the other spectra.

  • Show outlier samples:
    Two operational modes are possible: If the reaction run is stopped, selecting this will show all outlier spectra overlayed in the view. This will also automatically select all outlier spectra in the Report Grid. If the reaction is running, this will show all outlier spectra that have been measured up to the current time but will also show the current spectra according to the Runtime View configuration. If a new outlier is measured this will be added to view.

  • Show sample shape:
    Shows a colored data shape that represents all measured samples.

The view also has a context menu which is accessible via the Right Mouse button. It offers the following commands:

  • Show Legend:
    Offers different settings for the legend display. Never completely disables the legend display. Always permanently enables the legend.

  • Show data in panorama:
    Transfers all spectra that are shown in the view to the main application.

A sample overlay view looks like this: