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Print layout templates

The software is capable of printing objects and related information like labels, properties, an audit trail etc. to your default printer using predefined print layout templates. Print layout just means, that components, e.g. the spectrum plot, properties, labels and all related information on the object you like to print, are arranged on a piece of paper in a predefined manner.

A basic print layout defines the overall look of the final report. Herein header and footer information as well as some body settings can be adjusted. The final report body is filled with object specific details, which might be further customized in the general object properties and some object type dependent properties (see below). For various object types, separate print layout properties are available:

The Print Layout dialog combines all customizable options for available object types into a print layout template, accordingly. It offers a set of print layout templates with a pre-configured settings for various objects, which might be customized by the user.