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Project tree

Analytical data, documents of foreign applications and any additional information can be organized in projects in the software. These projects can be compared to a briefcase, where related data is packed together in one file.

The contents of a project are shown in the project tree view of the project explorer with their original file icons and file names. Some extra icons are available for known spectrum types and molecules.


User defined organizational instances can be added to a project in form of folders and sub-folders. These folders can be organized like folders on you hard disc. Data is located in these folders according to your personal context.

Data type icons in the project tree

The following project tree icons are available for the different data types. Icons for external application data are not included in the following list:


Data type




IR spectrum

UV spectrum

3D spectrum


Expandable Items

Expandable items are displayed with a + sign in front of the icon. Project and folder items are regular expandable items, which will show the substructure/subfolders if the user clicks on the + sign. Additionally calibration items are expandable and will show details of the calibration:

If the Security Module is activated and the Data Versioning option is enabled, regular spectrum items will also be expandable and will show their complete history of modification. The user may access any previous version of the object:

Project tree operations

The project tree is capable of many operations similar to the MS-Windows explorer. The following operations can be performed: