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Properties tab

The properties tab contains detailed information about the current active object in the application workspace. This data cannot be changed by the user, because it contains elementary property information, like the file name.

The contents of this tab strongly depend on the current active object and its data format or object type. Properties are presented in a table with particular categories, which can be expanded or collapsed on request.

Properties tab example

In the figure below, e.g. the properties of an IR spectrum of N,N-Dimethyl-Acetamide are displayed:

Properties tab description

The spectrum comprises some general information like the file name and the file location as well as the displayed name of the object, which might be different from the file name.

Furthermore it contains two spectral axes with related properties given in separate categories.

By selection of a row within the properties table, a related help description is shown on the bottom end of the table.

The user is free to toggle the property view from a section wise view to an alphabetical view and vice versa using the buttons in the top left corner of the tab.