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Protect Script

The protect script command will password protect the currently loaded script. Password protected scripts are still executable but the actual script code cannot be viewed. This is useful if you want to pass on a script but do not want to reveal its source code.

Password protection

To protect a script with a password please follow the steps below:

  1. Open a script with the Open command in the File menu or by selecting it in the Script Explorer.

  2. Select the command Protect Script from the Options menu.

  3. A password dialog will be displayed:

  1. Enter the password to protect the script.

Unprotect Script

If you load a password protected script the script window will only display ''PASSWORD PROTECTED SCRIPT'. If you own the password please follow the steps below to unprotect the script:

  1. Load the protected script.

  2. The script window will display 'PASSWORD PROTECTED SCRIPT'.

  3. Select the command Unprotect Script from the Options menu.

  4. Enter the password in the password dialog to unprotect the script.