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Quantify explorer

The quantify explorer provides a list of all calibrations that are available in the software. It will show all calibrations from the loaded projects in the project explorer and all manually loaded/imported calibrations. In the quantify explorer the user may enable the auto-prediction function by activating the calibration checkbox for one or more calibrations or just evaluate the current active spectrum in the data view.

The Quantify module can only be used together with the Project Administration Module!

Calibrations require a set of spectra, which need to be organized in a project. If you do not have access to the project or quantify explorer in your software, please contact your provider for more information about upgrades to your software.

Quantify explorer contents

The following components are available:

  • Quantify list
    The quantify tree shows a list of all open calibrations. It provides a checkbox for each calibration. If the checkbox is activated, all spectra that are loaded/activated will be automatically evaluated with the selected calibration. The evaluation result will be display in a textbox in the spectrum view if the spectral data is compatible to the calibration, otherwise no result will be shown. Please review the command Auto Prediction in the chapter Commands for a detailed description.

  • Quantify toolbar
    The quantify toolbar contains shortcuts to common menu commands for calibrations.


Open the quantify explorer

To activate the quantify explorer, please follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Window menu, select the Quantify Explorer command.

  2. The quantify explorer is opened at its previous location either as tab or as separate window on the application workspace.

Close the quantify explorer

To close the quantify explorer, please follow the instructions.

To close the quantify explorer, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the icon next to the tab flags.

  2. Click on the icon to close the current active tab of the tab group.