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Reaction Monitoring Overview

This chapter gives a short introduction to the reaction monitor module. The reaction monitoring module is a powerful tool to aid the user in performing reaction monitoring, trend analysis and process analysis with spectroscopic data. The main features of the reaction monitor module are listed below:

  • Online processing
    Monitor live reactions with an attached spectrometer. Multiple reaction phases with different spectrometer settings may be configured. A file system folder may be monitored as alternative data input option enabling the use of unsupported spectrometers as spectroscopic data providers.

  • Offline processing
    Perform reaction analysis on spectra that have been recorded earlier. Rerun previously recorded reaction analyses with different parameters.

  • Routine mode
    Simple user interface to select reaction runs for the everyday routine analysis. The main application interface will be hidden.

  • Reaction window
    Configurable user interface for reaction monitoring which includes 2D-view, 3D-view, Trend view, Data/Table view and full access to all relevant parameters. Please refer to the chapter Reaction Window for a detailed description.

  • Reaction wizard
    The reaction wizard guides the user when setting up a new reaction. Simple step by step configuration allows the quick creation of new reaction templates. Please refer to the chapter Reaction Wizard for a detailed description.