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Scores 3D Plot

The Scores 3D plot adds a third principle component to a Scores plot and shows relationships between samples and variation among selected factors.

The principles for variation and similarities between samples described for Scores plots are applicable here as well. The 3D plot can also customized by utilizing the context menu. Simply right-click on the plot and make the desired adjustments.

In case of a PCA calibration the score plot gives a convenient overview of the qualitative results of the calibration. A good result will show all samples assigned to one of the predefined groups ( see Calibration Model Wizard - Step 2 ) and the groups itself will be clearly separated.

A typical Scores 3plot is shown in the following:

You have the following possibilities to customize the 3D-Graph view in order to see all aspects of the 3D-Factor Plot:

  • Right-click and hold the mouse button to move the whole 3D-Factor Plot in the view plane.

  • Hold down the Shift-button and move the mouse to zoom in and out of the 3D-Factor Plot. This can also be achieved by using mouse wheel.

  • Hold down the Ctrl-button and move the mouse to rotate the whole 3D-Factor Plot.

  • Perform a double-click with the Left mouse button to restore the original scale/zoom/rotation factor.