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Script Explorer

The Script Explorer is located on the right side of the script editor. It displays and manages all available scripts. The script explorer looks like this:


The icons in the Script Explorer will display the current script state.

The script icons in the explorer will show if the script is password protected or if it has been added to a application menu. Password protected scripts display a little red sign in the icon. Scripts that were added to a menu will show a little green arrow.

Script explorer functions

All script explorer functions are available via left and right Mouse click:

  • Left-clicking a script in the script explorer will automatically load the script and display it in the script window.

  • Right-clicking a script in the script explorer will open the explorer menu:

  • Right-clicking on an empty part of the script explorer will open the add script directory menu:

  • Right-clicking on folder in the script explorer will open the folder menu:

Script explorer commands

These commands are available via the different mouse button menus in the script explorer:

  • Run - Runs the selected script

  • Rename - Renames the selected script

  • Delete - Deletes the selected script

  • Add 'script' to Application Menu - Inserts a link to the selected script into an application menu for quick access.

  • Edit 'script' Usage in Application Menu - Modifies the menu entry of the script.

  • Protect - Protects the source code of the script with a password. The script remains executable.

  • Add Script Directory - Adds a new directory containing scripts to the script explorer.

  • Run All Scripts - All scripts in the selected folder will be executed.

  • Create New Script - Creates a new script in the selected folder.