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Script Recorder

The script recorder is used to automate common tasks in the software. It can be used to record all commands and actions available in the software. Once recorded all scripts can replayed to aid the user in handling repetitive tasks. Frequently used scripts can also be added to the applications menus for easy access. Please refer to the scripting section of the manual for further details. The script recorder is invoked by the command record script in the scripting menu and looks like this:

Script recorder commands

The following options are available in the script recorder:

  • Stop recording - press this button to stop the recording. A files save dialog will be displayed to save the recorded script.

  • Pause recording - press this button to pause the current recording. All actions performed during the paused state will not be recorded. While paused, the button symbol changes into the pause symbol . Pushing the button again will resume the recording.

  • Cancel recording - press this button to cancel the recording. All recorded actions will be discarded.


Script recorder menu commands

Some script recorder commands are also available via the scripting menu:

Script editor

All recorded scripts are managed by the script editor. Recorded scripts can be edited for further customization. The software also provides a set of sample scripts. Please refer to the scripting section for details.