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Script Window

The script window is the main area of the script editor. This is where the script code is displayed and all editing and debugging takes place. The script window looks like this:

The script windows features Code Highlighting which helps to distinguish script functions and code from normal text. In the example above actual script functions are highlighted in blue color.

Context sensitive help

Placing the cursor on a word and pushing the F1-Button will open the help function. If the help system has any reference to the selected word it will be displayed.


If you are unsure about the exact syntax of a script function you can use the Complete Word (CTRL-W) function. If the cursor is placed behind a partial word, calling the complete word function via menu or pressing CTRL-W will open a drop-down box. This drop-down box displays all possible options for completion and by selecting one of the options it will be copied into the code window. The drop-down box looks like this:

Right Click Menu

Right-clicking in the script window will open the following drop-down menu with access to all menu commands: