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How does searching work?

The software is capable of comparing two data objects, e.g. two spectra or molecules. Various search parameters can be adjusted to provide optimal conditions to the search requests. These search parameters strongly depend on the objects data type and must be carefully set up to receive a good result. For spectrum search, a lot of search algorithms are available. During searching, a query object will be compared with all appropriate objects in one or even more libraries. After comparison of the query object and  all library objects, the best matching objects and their properties will be returned to the user in a search result table. The search result table is displayed for a review by the user.

How does text searching work?

Any additional information to an object is stored either in the properties or labels of an object. Any word, phrase or regular expression can be used as search query to find objects in a library. A specific search query must be defined for this purpose. All objects matching in a library will be returned in a search result table.

Supported search functions

The following search functions are supported: