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Send Data to Manufacturer

Should it be necessary to provide the software manufacturer support with additional information concerning bugs and errors, you can use this function to send the active data object or project via e-mail.

The actual manufacturer name will differ!

The actual manufacturer name and e-mail address will depend on the company that provided you with the software. The name and e-mail address will be customised accordingly.


Send Data to Manufacturer command

To notify the manufacturer about a certain bug and to send additional information concerning the bug, please follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Help menu, select the Send Data to Manufacturer command.

  2. Your default e-mail program will be opened and a new mail template will be shown with the current active data object attached. The subject will be automatically filled in with "Data from Operatorname".

  3. The body of the e-mail will contain the following predefined text "<PLEASE ADD YOUR PROBLEM DESCRIPTION HERE>". Please enter a accurate description of the problem you encountered and the steps you took which led to the described problem.

  4. You have to manually enter the corresponding support e-mail address in the address "To:" field of your e-mail program.

  5. Send the e-mail.

Our support team will try to reconstruct the problem and will get back to you as soon as possible.

The following picture shows an example e-mail: