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Shifting is only available for multiple 2D data objects displayed merged in one 2D data view. Shifting means, a single 2D data object is moved relative to all other 2D data objects in any direction. This function is useful, if the user needs to prove similarity between certain spectral areas of two data objects. In this case one 2D data object is shifted relative to another one. Permanent shifting or unshifting along the y-axis is available using the Shift Spectra function or Unshift Spectra function of the software.

A 2D data object can also be temporarily shifted as described in the following:

Shifting a 2D data object with the mouse

To shift a 2D data object relative to other objects, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Activate the 2D data view of interest.

  2. Move the Mouse Pointer next to the graph of the object to be shifted.

  3. With the Right Mouse button held down, move the object relative to all other objects.

  4. Release the Right Mouse button to restore the original data view.