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Show 2D cuts

This function shows or hides 2D data views for 2D cuts of a 3D data object. While moving with the mouse pointer through the three dimensional cube of the 3D data object, the x,z-plane and the y,z-plane at the current mouse pointer position are shown as 2D data objects in separate data views on top of the 3D object.

2D data extraction

2D cuts are used for 2D data object extraction from a 3D data object.


Toggling the show 2D cut function is performed as follows:

Show 2D cuts menu command

To toggle show 2D cut option using the menu command, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Activate the desired 3D data view.

  2. From the 3D View menu, select the Show 2D Cuts command.

Show 2D cuts keyboard shortcut