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Signature Comment Manager

The Signature Comment Manager is used to edit/assign individual signature comments to data access roles. The actual data access signature can be accompanied by a signature comment to express workflow related information. These comments may be customized in this dialog. Please refer to the section Data Access Control in the chapter Security for details about access rights and signature roles and comments.

The dialog looks like this:

Signature Comment Manager Contents

The Signature Comment Manager shows all available data access roles and all available signature comments:


This window lists all available data access roles. By selecting a role all activated signature comments will be displayed in the Signature Comments window.

Signature Comments

This window displays all available signature comments. All comments that are available when signing with the currently selected data access role are marked with a checked checkbox.

  • Assigning signature comments: To make a signature available in a data access role simply activate the checkbox of the comment. To remove a comment from a data access role uncheck the checkbox.

  • Button New: Creates a new signature comment.

  • Button Delete: Deletes the selected signature comment.