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Software Protection and Licensing

Software protection is necessary and it is Copyright protected as described in the  End-user license agreement (EULA) . However, to give users the opportunity for thorough evaluation before purchasing a trial license is available. If you have already purchased the software or the trial period has expired, the software must be registered and activated. According to the software protection policy, you have the following options:

30 days trial period

Directly after initial installation of the software, this or any more recent version of the software can be used for a trial period of 30 days without limitation of functionality and without registration or activation. The trial period allows you to inspect all available functions of the software and decide, which modules you might require for your future work.

Dongle protection unit

If you have purchased a legal software license and received a dongle protection unit from your software vendor in return, please follow the instructions below to make it work with the software properly:

  1. Close all programs.

  2. Plug the dongle protection unit into the USB port of your computer.

Can I use a USB-Hub?

The dongle protection unit must be directly plugged into the USB port of your computer. It is not possible to use it on a USB-Hub!

  1. Wait until hardware detection of the operating system is completed and the dongle protection unit is installed properly.

MS Windows hardware detection

By default, the operating system will check automatically for new hardware connected to your computer. It will also take care of proper installation of any required drivers. However, sometimes automatic installation of the hardware drivers fails. In this case, please contact your nearest software vendor's office for support. Please review the chapter "Contact Manufacturer" for details on contact information.

  1. Start the software.

Serial number protection

If you have purchased a legal software license and received a serial number from your software vendor in return, registration and activation of the software is required. Please follow the instructions described in the chapter "Product Registration" before start working with the software.