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Any 2D spectra can be searched in libraries registered to the software. All available libraries are listed in the library explorer. From the data type nodes under a library node you can see how many spectra of the respective data type are available in each library. One or more suitable libraries can be searched at the same time. Different search algorithms and definition of spectral regions for searching provide optimal search conditions for the particular topic of interest. Finally, the search query can be stored and re-used later on with the same or a different spectrum. After searching, matching objects from the libraries will be collected in a search result table, which is shown to the user.

Quick introduction to searching spectra

Follow the instructions to search a spectrum in the software.

  1. Open or activate the library explorer.

  2. Open or create a new local library.

  3. If just you created a new library, please import some data before you proceed.

  4. Open a file with a spectrum you would like to search on a library.

  5. Search the spectrum on a library.

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