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Status bar

The status bar is located on the bottom edge of the application window. It holds the values of a number of predefined labels on the bottom left, current coordinates of the mouse pointer within the active data object in the workspace and additional information about the current operator and the department.

The status bar looks like this:

Customizing the status bar

The following contents can be customized:

Customizing status bar labels

A selection of preferred labels of the current active object, being also shown on the labels tab, can be optionally displayed on the status bar for convenience. To customize the list of preferred labels, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the Left Mouse button on the status bar.

  2. From the Select Labels dialog, check the labels you like to see.

  3. Click the OK button to apply your choice.

Customizing operator and department

During the very first start of the software the user will be asked to enter the operator and department name in the User Authentication Dialog. By default the name and location of the current operating system user will be proposed. It is mandatory to enter a operator name and the name cannot be changed later on. These values can be reviewed in the Options dialog. The department name can be changed later on via the options dialog.